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Knowing the Process in Two-Sided PCB Assembly

pcb  designYou are probably familiar with assembling PCB, but do you know the process in two-sided PCB assembly? To start things off, one must ensure that working environment is clean to avoid contamination. Proper humidity as well as high quality components should both be present in double-sided PCB assembly.

Below are the next few steps:

1.Preparing the substrate

An epoxy resin is sprayed or applied on a glass fiber. When the glass fiber is fully covered with epoxy resin, it will be rolled to remove the excess resin. It will also be thinned out to a specific size.

After that, this substrate will be placed in an oven. It will then be cut into panels which will be piled up in layers. Each layer contains copper foils with adhesive. When the layers are done, they’re subjected to very high temperature and pressure for about an hour. By the time this is finished, the layers are solidly bonded.

2.Drilling the holes

Now that you have the panel, the next step for PCB assembly is drilling the holes. Remember that a panel is huge enough that one panel can actually produce several circuit boards. These several panels will be piled up and placed in a CNC machine. CNC machine is responsible in drilling the holes as specified in the board pattern.

Holes in PCB are either conductive or non-conductive. For conductive holes, they are plated with copper to ensure that current will flow from one board to another. As for non-conductive holes, they will be covered while the rest of the holes are plated with copper. Sometimes, non-conductive holes are drilled only after the conductive holes are plated.

3.Creating a pattern for the PCB

During this phase in PCB assembly, there is a need to create a mask that will create a pattern for the PCB. This mask will ensure that only the necessary parts are plated with copper while the rest of the board remains untouched.

4.Attaching and plating of contact fingers

Contact fingers refer to the internal connectors plated with gold and copper. They are resistant to wear and tear, corrosion, and high temperature. These contact fingers will be attached to the ends of the substrate. Contact fingers act as a bond to connect the substrate with the PCB. To cover these contact fingers, plate them with tin-lead, nickel, and then gold metals.


Note that at this point, the exterior of the printed circuit pattern is still prone to corrosion. To resolve this, the entire panel goes through a reflow process where it is subject to a high temperature. This will allow the tin-lead to melt and reflow creating a shiny exterior.

6.Cutting the panels

Remember that panels can create several circuit boards. Once the reflow is done, the panel is cut into individual PCBs. The sides of the board are also smoothened out to create a nice finish.

7.Placement of Components

Now that the PCB is ready, it will pass through different machines. These machines make placing electrical components on the board easier and faster. Some technicians who do their own PCB assembly can manually do the placement themselves. But in cases where the amount of PCB produced is numerous, the use of machines and technology is highly essential.

When the placement phase is done, everything needs to be soldered onto the board. Depending on the amount of boards that need to be soldered, they can be done manually or through the use of a reflow oven.


Before the products are packaged for delivery, they have to be examined for quality. Through an optical inspection machine, flaws such as solder errors, misplaced components, and shifted boards are easily identified.

Without a doubt, manufacturing double-sided PCBs is quite challenging. Nonetheless, if you’re really serious about making your very own boards, you should keep everything you’ve learned in mind and persevere.

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What to Do with the Ashes after a Cremation

A lot of people are beginning to take preference towards cremation over traditional burial rites. Cremated remains of the deceased person are then returned to the family or the closest kin. There are number of ways to remember a departed loved one after his passing.

Cremated remains are typically placed in an urn. It is important that the memorial urns are kept in a peaceful placethat his immediate family can visit.

  • Columbarium:

    CremationA columbarium is a memorial place for public storage of urns containing cremated remains.The inside of a columbarium usually contains aisles of small vaults arranged like pigeon holes. The vaults are usually of the same size, big enough to fit several urns. Those who do not have a permanent residence and would rather keep the urn in a place that’s accessible to all family members can opt for a columbarium vault.

  • At home:

    The home can be a final resting place for memorial urns. Some people do it so that they can still feel the presence of their late loved ones with them.Also, placing the urn in your home will require no additional costs.

  • Urn Burial:

    Urn burials combine crematory serviceswith tradition burial practices. This way, everybody can visit the remains of your loved ones. Bear in mind to choose a secured and peaceful place. Moreover, urn burial is significantly cheaper compared to traditional burial.

Some people choose to scatter the ashes of their dearly departed loved ones in a memorable and special place to honor their loved ones.There are also those who prefer to celebrate the passage of their loved ones over to the next life. Instead of a mournful silence, they hold a joyous ceremonyafter the crematory services.

Helium Balloons

The ashes can be placed inside balloons before they are inflated with helium. These balloons can fly up to the sky. At its maximum height, the balloons will burst and the ashes will scatter in the winds.

FireworksMemorial Display

Find a professional fireworks company who can pack some of the cremation ashes into high-quality fireworks. The fireworks display can be accompanied with the favorite songs of the deceased. On the scheduled date, an intimate gathering of family and friends can watch the fireworks display while commemorating their late loved one.

Sea Burial

Instead of simply scattering the ashes of your loved one into the sea, it can be put to use. Sea burial is appropriate especially if the deceased was a sea lover or was fond of water sports. It is a good option for his ashes to be used to build artificial coral reefs or cement structures that coral reefs can grow on. This can help restore damaged reefs and can create a nurturing environment for marine life. The artificial reefs or cement structures can then be placed on the sea floor.

It is also possible to turn the remains of your loved ones into more lasting items to hold their memory forever.


Find a company that offers services to convert cremated remains into a certified diamond. The price depends on the desired shape or carat size.Cremation ashes can be compressed into diamond which can be attached in a ring, necklace, and other accessories.Though it is expensive, it is truly a unique way to remember the life of a departed person.Having the remains of your loved one turned into jewelry enablesyou to embrace him day by day.The jewelry can also serve as a family heirloom over time.


You can consider getting a biodegradable urn that comes with a tree seedling. This is a meaningful alternative to cremation urns. The seedling can feed on the calcium-rich cremated remains. You can even choose from variety of trees. This way, your loved one can have an afterlife as a tree.

Everyone has different visions on how to take care of the remains of his loved ones. Sometimes, the final disposition depends on cultural beliefs, spiritual beliefs, or on personal wishes of the departed soul.

Using HCG Drops for Weight Loss

Drops come in the form of a liquid that is consumed by placing drops underneath a dieter’s tongue. HCG helps people lose weight by reducing the intensity of hunger pangs, which makes it much easier for dieters to resist overeating. That’s part of the HCG diet’s recipe for success. That said, relying solely on the appetite-curbing function of HCG will not reduce a person’s weight. The diet also requires a severe reduction in the number of calories a person consumes in a day. A proper HCG diet in fact restricts a person’s calories to a total of a mere 500, which is not enough to provide adequate dietary nutrition. Between the restrictive diet and the HCG hormone itself, a person can expect to lose approximately one to two pounds per day. Over the course of a week, a person could expect to lose approximately fifteen pounds. Given that rate of weight loss, it’s not hard to understand why the HCG diet is a so popular among dieters. What those dieters fail to consider, however, is that such a severe reduction in calories necessarily interferes with normal brain function. The diet also reduces a person’s resting metabolism, which is the rate at which their body burns energy while resting. Additionally, although the initial weight lost on this diet plan will come from fat, the body will eventually begin to cannibalise its own muscle tissue in order to make up for the protein sources it’s no longer getting from food. As any doctor or personal trainer can tell you, loss of muscle tissue is a bad thing indeed.


The homeopathic version (the oral drops) have been much more popular among dieters than other versions of HCG. Among the reasons for their popularity (as compared to the other forms) are the facts that the drops are less expensive, require no refrigeration, are easier to administer, and seem to cause fewer side effects than other HCG delivery methods. Because the drops are administered orally–just a few drops under one’s tongue–they’re easy to use compared to daily injections. To know more about the HCG diet drops just visit 1hcgdrops.

Some of the best brands for those seeking HCG drops are:


• HCG Drops Direct

• MYHCG Plus

• HCG Platinum

• HCG Ultra Diet Drops

Although proponents of the HCG diet plan claim that the hormone helps to curb one’s appetite and sense of hunger pangs, many people who have tried this weight loss approach have claimed that, even with the HCG treatments, their hunger pangs can become almost intolerable. Thus, many people who begin the HCG diet end up quitting before completing its prescribed course.

Motivational speakers: Knowing and Connecting with the Audience

The ability to connect with the audience is a vital skill of motivational speakers. Forming and maintaining this connection stems from understanding the needs of the audience. Remember, the audience is rooting for you to satisfy and stimulate them. The audience wants to hear a good speech, to be entertained or to be inspired. Take time to know your audience or meet up with the company leadership (for company workshops).

Motivational speakersThis will put the material into context and you, in the right perspective. For example, if you were invited to a company where many other motivational speakers have held seminars or trainings, then you should most certainly avoid clichés and prepare a fresh material. Connect with the audience by relating your message or idea in their everyday life and most of all, balance between what they need to hear and what they want to hear. Below are some points that you must remember so that you can better connect with your audience and be an effective motivational speaker:

Do not talk about yourself too much

The speech is not about you, it is about the audience. Make sure that the stories or experiences that you will use are applicable to the audience’s career, needs and expectations. Otherwise, they will not think that you are genuinely trying to help.

Appeal to their values

Appealing to the values or faith that the audience profess is a great way to start a conversation with them. You do not have to be one with their faith, just show them that you respect their beliefs. Show them that even if you are not a member of their faith, you see that there are still much that you can learn from it. This can also make them appreciate your effort of researching about them. If you do not want to touch religious subjects, just make sure that you will not offend their beliefs and practices. Most motivational speakers overdo it though, that they look like they are trying too hard so do not make the similar mistake. If you are not that familiar with your audience’s faith, then all you have to do is research, research and research more.

Speak to them on their language

It is not enough that you speak well; you must also speak the language of the people you are talking to. This gives them a feeling that you are one of them and that you understand what they are going through. For example, motivational speakers who conduct talks to the youth often familiarize themselves with the mainstream media. If you will bee talking to business executives, try to learn their expressions and even jargons.


Action speaks louder than words. In the same way, your overall demeanor can also communicate your message effectively. The way dress and the way you carry yourself should tell your audience: “hey guys! Look I am one of you! Do not be afraid to listen to what I have to say!” or if you are talking to company employees, you can dress up a little to say: “I was once an employee too, but look at me now, if I can do it, definitely you can too!” The way motivational speakers stand and gestures can also help establish a connection with the audience. Also, if confidence can be seen on how you carry yourself, then it can make your audience feel that you are sure with what you are saying. This will make them listen to you more.

Meet the audience at the level of their understanding

Using jargons or acronyms unfamiliar to the audience can intimidate them. Use simple words to make them feel that they are at your level. On the other hand, measure your words when talking to professionals. Always assume that these professionals know and master their stuff more than you do.

Read a lot

Motivational speakers should read a lot so that they can be knowledgeable to many subjects. Wide reading can make you a formidable and flexible speaker no matter who you are talking to.

Common Employee Engagement Survey Questions

Another common employee engagement survey question is “Do you have the capability to do your best everyday?” This question is all about the employee’s drive to do what he or she is tasked to do. There are several factors that affect one’s drive besides the prevailing moods and attitudes. There is also the matter of how the workplace is designed – a clean, organized, and breezy workplace is conducive to productivity. If there is an overwhelming negative employee engagement survey response in terms of drive and the workplace itself, renovation should be in the works.

Employee Engagement

“Do you have a trusted friend in the workplace?” Friends start out as strangers, no matter where the friendship is first formed. They will share their innermost thoughts and feelings that are most likely related to the place where they usually meet. In an office, two employees who are best buddies can motivate each other into doing quality work; and they can also work together with other employees to foster camaraderie. They can also cooperate to air important concerns about their working conditions. If the employee has no friends as reflected in the employee engagement survey, it means there is something wrong with the company in terms of employee trust.

“Do you have opportunities at work for career advancement?” No one should be stuck in the same job in the same company for many years. This is called insanity, since it involves doing the same things over and over again, with no signs of progress whatsoever. If there are in-company skills enhancement programs, the employees who take advantage of them will have greater chances of being promoted. Executives and high-ranked professionals are not born; they are made.

“Does the company truly embody the ethics and values it declares on paper?” While the public perception of a company may be reputable, the internal perception of the company may be the opposite. If the higher-ups try to cover up any anomaly that certainly contradicts the ethos and values the company solemnly declares, that means there is something wrong. Even worse, the likes of WikiLeaks will expose those worst-kept secrets no matter what, which will easily damage the company’s reputation and force it to close shop. To prevent this, the higher-ups must be open and frank to anything that affects the company’s ethos and values and encourage the employees to work together to solve it.

“Does the company make use of incentives and rewards for good work?” Incentives and rewards such as salary bonuses and occasional gifts are a time-tested way to encourage employees to do their best in the workplace. Of course, they should not be given excessively so as to prevent bias towards certain employees.

“Does the company exude an aura of fairness and impartiality?” Just because one department does not perform well as it should does not mean that the executives must cut down on that department’s operating expenses while leaving the other departments untouched. There is also the matter of giving excessive rewards to certain employees and departments that give off an air of bias. In the board meeting, the heads and managers of each department as well as the executives must all devise win-win solutions to foster fairness and impartiality in terms of compensation, workload, and negotiations.

“Do you take pride in the company’s mission, products or services, and accomplishments?” If the employees do their best in their work, the products and services that are a result of those employees’ work will certainly be excellent, making the customers keep coming back for more. This employee engagement survey question is related to an employee’s personal question – “Is this worth all the trouble I went through?”

Author Bio: is dedicated to discovering, understanding and sharing what drives people to commit to an organization, a role, a leader, what factors motivate and engage employees, and the factors that power excellence in individuals, teams and organizations.

Tips to Avoid Hiring an Unreliable and Dishonest Long Island Foreclosure Lawyer

If you ever see a foreclosure proceeding looming ahead because of your delinquency to pay off your mortgage, it would be best to start looking for a Long Island foreclosure lawyer who will help you go through the legal process. With the great number of foreclosure attorneys practicing in Long Island, though, you will find the task challenging than expected. Your worry should not only be focused on finding one who can suit your particular situation, but more about avoiding sleazy and unreliable lawyers that, unfortunately, do exist.

To avoid ending up with a Long Island foreclosure lawyer who would eventually give you more headaches than help you solve your troubles, here are some tips that you can use.

Be Wary of Great Promises

Long Island foreclosure lawyer

As they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. One thing you must remember is that a foreclosure proceeding cannot go completely in favor of either party. You and your lender each face a risk, and how you win the case will rely not just on the expertise of your lawyers but on other legalities and technicalities as well. Hence, if the Long Island foreclosure lawyer that you approach promises you that he will win your case, back off right away. No one can make that guarantee to you, not even a lawyer who has never lost a single case.

Upfront Fees

If the law firm asks you for a down payment without conducting a preliminary interview first to know more about your case, then leave that office and go to the next one. A good, honest, and ethical lawyer will first understand the nature of your particular situation for he will need that information to gauge his capacity to represent you. Asking you to pay right away can be likened to him jumping straight on a boat without knowing its destination, with you as the collateral damage since you will be spending money for services that may not be at par with the demands of your case. Besides, common sense demands that you know what type of service or assistance you are paying for before you even let go of your money.

Advises You to Lie

Lying is not only unethical, but it can also hurt your defense and quicken the process of losing your property. You need to remember that your lender has a foreclosure attorney working for him too, so any information that you include in your affidavit will be duly verified by your lender’s legal team. If they see any discrepancies, your request for loan modification or your entire defense will be sabotaged and you will lose the case.

No Supporting Documents

You should always check if your lawyer is licensed to practice in Long Island. Just like any state, Long Island requires a law graduate to pass a bar examination given by the state to be able to grant him a license. If you deal with an unlicensed attorney, you will lose any form of security from the state because you are dealing with an illegal firm or professional. Furthermore, if your lender or his lawyer finds out about this, they can divulge that information to the judge, hurting your case and leaving you in the middle of the proceeding without a lawyer to defend you.

Anyone who is facing a foreclosure is most definitely already strapped for cash, so hold on to the little money you have left and only use it on an honest and reliable Long Island foreclosure lawyer. Do not be swayed by promises or sweet words. Be smart, think clearly, and make sure that you are protected by a contract.

With over 30 years of combined Real Estate/Banking/Political & Legal Experience, the Young Law Group, PLLC utilizes innovative legal techniques in order to best represent you.

How to Choose the Right Taylormade Golf Bag

It all begins with the first attempt. Maybe your golfer friends wanted you to just give it a try- "just one swing, mate" – and then before you know it, you are in love with the game. You started out with just one trusted Taylormade golf club; after all, you did not expect to find the game of golf quite an exciting one. But now that you are an avid gamer to the point that you and the staff at your go-to golf course are already on a first-name basis.

But now that you consider the golf course pretty much your second home, it is no surprise if your golf club collection has grown from just one Taylormade golf club to over 15, maybe even 20! As you probably know now, various kinds of golf clubs create and affect your backswing so to make sure you do not miss a tee-shot, you wish to have it with you as you go around the golf course. The dilemma here is you do not know what kind of golf bag to buy. Worry no more because this article is specifically written to help you gain knowledge of what makes a great golf bag.

Taylormade Golf

First thing to look for in a golf bag is padding. Check if it is thick and sufficient enough to protect your clubs' heads. This is very important especially if you plan to take your golf clubs with you on an out of town or country trip. With typical golf clubs having shafts that go as long as 45 inches, you would have no problem finding a Taylormade golfbag since the height of these things often range from 50 to 55 inches.

Now if you have any plans of travelling, it would be best if you choose to buy a hard shell case golf bag. You have to remember that you cannot hold the airline liable if the flight cause any minor or major damage to your golf clubs. Though a soft Taylormade golfbag offers flexibility, the set shape of a hard case will ensure better protection for your golf clubs. Take note though that if you travel mostly by car and are looking to save money, just go for a high-quality soft golf bag than resort to a cheap, low-quality hard shell case one. Soft golf bags usually come in leather (genuine and faux), various types of cloths as well as canvas.

For the best case scenario (pun intended), you can opt to buy a hybrid travel golf bag. Though it will cost you a little more than an average hard case shell golf bag, a hybrid one is not just a purchase but an investment. With a hybrid golf bag, you get a cart bag that also serves as a travel bag which comes with the advantage of the hard-shell case. The hard-shell case is something you can fit over your golf club heads and can easily be attached to the bag itself.

Just keep in mind what the purpose of a golf bag is- it is to protect your Taylormade golf clubs. So if possible, invest in the best you could find in the market. You have to realize that a one-time, big-time purchase of a high-quality Taylormadegolf bag will save you more money than having to buy one every now and then because you opted to go for low-quality ones that are easily damaged.

Also, you can always ask a golfer friend for advice, better yet, let him or her come with you so he or she can help you out in choosing and buying one.

Different Types of Research Chemicals for Sale

The advancement of science led us to technology and research. Scientists and other experts have thought of different ways on how to come up with new ideas and experiments just to make the world a better place to live in. There are a lot of studies that needs to be done in order to complete an experiment. One thing that research technology can do is to provide people with different products that would improve their health such as medicines and other health supplements. Those products are made with the help of research chemicals. Scientists try to find the best research chemicals for sale to make sure that they will end up with a quality product that would benefit a lot of people.

There are a lot of research chemicals for sale available on that can be bought from different suppliers and manufacturers. The suppliers are the ones who are knowledgeable regarding the different kinds of research chemicals. They are the ones who provide our scientists and doctors the quality products that they have, to achieve the specific effect of the drug that the doctors want to produce.

There are different types of Research Chemicals for Sale and here are just some of those:


Research Chemicals for SaleThis research chemical is commonly used in neurology and it serves as a medicine to cure insomnia. It is also used to counteract epileptic seizures. Some doctors use Phenazepam as anesthesia. They inject it to their patients just before an operation. The recommended dose of this product is 10 mg per day and usage should not exceed longer than a month. Alcohol and other depressants should not be taken with this chemical for health and safety purposes.

2.Ephedrine Hcl

This product is a sympathomimetic amine. This is widely known as a strong stimulant as well as an appetite suppressant. Ephedrine is also believed to provide relief to nose congestion as well as treat hypotension due to the use of anesthesia. Ephedrine has a similar bond to its synthetic byproducts such as methamphetamine and amphetamine. Ephedrine is a product extracted from a variety of plants such as the genus Ephedra. Usually, most of it is marketed or being sold in sulfate or hydrochloride forms.

3.Methylhexanamine, DMAA

This chemical is commonly used as a dietary supplement as well as treatment for nasal problems. Its other name is dimethylamylamine. This product is also used as a main component for sport medications. This research chemical has a lot of trade names. Examples of which are Geranamine and Forthan. This chemical is said to have the same chemical properties as caffeine. Methylhexanamine is commonly used as a dietary supplement and is also effective in burning fats which is why most body building and weight management drugs contain this chemical.

4.a-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone, a-PVP

This drug or research chemical is a strong stimulant which belongs to the group of pyrrolidines. This is related to the other drug called pyrovalerone which has a psychoactive effect. This chemical can improve the productivity of the person who uses it, making him awake, motivated, active and has a strong endurance.

These are just some of the available research chemicals for sale. Different companies sell various products that may help in the research and development of a drug or health supplements for both humans and animals. There are a lot of research chemicals for sale that are helpful in producing a cure for certain diseases. These products are widely available in local manufacturing plants. Some may even be bought online. Even though these chemicals may be purchased by anybody, it is still advisable to use them with utmost care and expert supervision.

The Importance Of Custom Coins

During World War I, the use of custom coins in the military was already notable. The coins were mostly used to identify the soldier’s unit. Some were even used to identify their affinity to an organization or a group. History has it that the coins were also used as rewards for soldiers who were very good in performing their duties. The type of coins that soldiers possessed will say a lot about their services to the military. A soldier who had more coins means he had more achievements in his career.

custom coins

Eventually, the coins were better known as military coins. The military used them heavily until the Second World War. More military coins were minted to accommodate the bigger demand for it. As the war progressed, many lives were lost yet many heroic deeds were honored and recognized. Military coins were given to the soldiers as a way of thanking them for their valuable service. They were also given to them as a way honoring them for their brave actions. The custom coins in the military were the silent witnesses of the soldier’s sacrifices to serve the nation. The soldiers carried them with pride and they were treated with much respect.

The coins were also used as challenge coins among soldiers. According to stories, soldiers played games in their group by making a challenge. Soldiers were to take out their coins and show them for the group to see. The soldiers who did not bring their coins lost the challenge and they were obliged to pay for the drinks of the group. The game had become a common game among soldiers. Thus, the military coins were later known as challenge coins or challengecoins4less. The use of challenge coins became so popular and it even spread outside the military.

Ordinary people began to take notice of the value of the coins. Other groups and individuals have come to know the different connotations of the coins in other fields and industries. To them the coin symbolizes a lot of things. The coins may symbolize the holder’s identity, personality, achievements and even rank and power in the society. There is a different kind of pride that a person may feel if he owns a coin. Whether the coin is given as a token for something or is bought to be part of a collection, the joy of owning one is incomparable.

Today, there are many companies, organizations, and other groups who have decided to join the bandwagon of custom coins. Large companies want to mint their own coins for the purpose of gifting them to employees. Profit and non-profit organizations want to mint coins to be given to their members as tokens of appreciation. Various groups give coins to their members as an affirmation of their membership.

The process of minting custom coins is not as difficult as before. The technology advancement has contributed a lot in speeding up and streamlining the process. Whoever decides to have his own coin minted will not go through so much trouble. The minting facilities may be just around the corner. The ordering of customized coins has never been so convenient.

Modern mints are very capable of providing excellent services. They can help their clients from the conceptualization of the designs to the actualization of the coins. They will work closely with their clients every step of the way to ensure good results and make sure the clients will get what they have paid for. The coins may not be very valuable in terms of monetary value but they embody the big importance of the persons who receive them.

Things to Keep In Mind When Commissioning ID Lanyards

ID Lanyards are clearly very popular nowadays, both among those who wear them and those who commission them. Fans of ID Lanyards generally have few things to keep in mind when they purchase, wear, and use the lanyards, given the ease with which the latter can be used and the variety of functions that they serve. For those who plan on having ID Lanyards made, however, there are considerably more things to determine before they can even give the go-signal for the lanyards to be made.

The following are just a handful of the questions that potential clients need to answer before they make the final order for their ID Lanyards:

1.) What will the lanyards be used for? This is perhaps the most crucial question to address since it will determine the design, the make, and the material used for the lanyards. Lanyards that are primarily meant to be promotional items (such as those meant to promote a brand or a musical group) should have a striking and memorable design that catches the eyes, but they don’t necessarily require high-quality fabrics or multiple attachments since they are primarily ornamental in nature. Lanyards that are meant for industrial venues such as military bases or factories, on the other hand, require the opposite. The design would not be of much concern (the look of the lanyards would only need to be distinctive and unmistakable), but the material used to make the actual lanyard should be durable (preferably waterproof in some cases) and special attachments (such as a retractable hook) are often needed.

ID lanyards2.) Who will be using the lanyards? As with the first question, the answer to this one will also play a role in the customization process for the lanyards. ID Lanyards meant for young children in elementary school, for instance, need to be shorter than the standard lanyard length. In the same vein, employees who work mostly in the field (i.e., outside the office) would require a different kind of material for their lanyards as compared to employees working a desk job. Also, concert organizers and security personnel may require special features for their lanyards (such as luminescent ink for visibility in low-light areas and/or attachments that can carry security tools like whistles or pepper spray).

3.) How much is the budget for the lanyards? Given the many customization options for lanyards out there, it is important for the client to define a clear budget for commissioning lanyards to make certain aspects of the decision-making process a lot easier. A realistic budget should also be a given, and once both the budget and the purpose of the lanyards have been established, it becomes easier to define which lanyard features are non-negotiable (e.g., durable/waterproof material for the lanyard cords, mobile phone/device hooks for the lanyard attachments, etc.) and which ones are merely optional (i.e., options that are the client can include if they still have the budget for them after the primary specifications have been addresses, such as multi-color lanyard straps and the like).

4.) How intricate is the company logo and/or brand name? This question will determine the appropriate lanyard type and imprint method for the client’s specifications. Simple, one-color designs, logos and typefaces are often the most versatile since practically any kind of lanyard and imprint method can handle them. Clients of companies that require intricate, multi-color designs, logos, and typefaces, on the other hand are normally advised to go for print-screened lanyards since embroidering or weaving a complex design into the lanyard cord can be both difficult and costly. Furthermore, the look of the company logo and/or brand name also determines the length and the width of the lanyard. Simpler logos require less space, while complex ones require otherwise.

Different Uses of Badge Lanyards: From Before Up To Know

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to carry all the important things which you use most of the time, badge lanyards are the best materials to use. If you are going to use your identification card, keys, proximity badges, gate passes, and your mobile phone and you need a quick and easy access to them, you can wear these important items around your neck or on your wrist so that you can get them whenever you need them. Using a badge lanyard will also prevent these important things from getting lost or misplaced.


The Uses of Badge Lanyards

badge lanyardsBefore the use of badge lanyards became popular, lanyards were used before to tie down different items so that they will not get lost. The uses of lanyards were dated way back in the early 15th century where they were called “Lanière,” which means to hold down an item using a strap. The old lanyards were used to hold a handheld pistol, a whistle, or a sword. These lanyards are also made semi-permanent in color and are usually added to a soldier’s uniform. Once a lanyard is added to a soldier’s uniform, it cannot be removed easily. A lot of members of the navy and cavalry used lanyards to avoid losing any item that they have whenever they are riding a horse or when they are at sea.

A lanyard is also used to know what unit a member of the military comes from. These lanyards are commonly placed at the left shoulder of a soldier, with a whistle or a handheld pistol attached to it.

Even nowadays, these lanyards are used the same way. Since gadgets are becoming smaller and smaller in size, they can easily get lost or misplaced most of the time. Attaching a gadget to a lanyard can assure the owner that the gadget will not get lost and will be within their reach if they need it. Most of the newly made and issued gadgets like smart phones, digital cameras, and music players have a special opening on the side where you can attach a lanyard easily.

Other than gadgets, badge lanyards are also used at different establishments and schools so that the wearer can be easily identified. They are mostly worn around the neck with an ID, proximity badge, name card or card key attached to it.

For special and certain events such as bazaars, exhibits, seminars, and concerts, these lanyards are used by certain individuals who are involved in the event so that they can be easily identified by their colleagues, the visitors, and the participants. Security personnel also wear these lanyards so that any person who will be needing any assistance can find them easily. VIPs also need to wear these lanyards so that they can be given priority during the entire event.

For different businesses and corporation, it is a must for an employee to wear his badge lanyard holding his identification card at all times. This identification card also has a special card key or proximity badge so that it can be used at designated areas around the office. A lot of companies are using a color-coding system for all their employees to avoid confusion when it comes to identifying their different departments. These lanyards are also used to quickly identify whether the person is a regular employee or a probationary. Often times, these lanyards have the company’s name and logo printed on it.

Badge lanyards started as being a simple item holder to an important part of a person’s uniform. For a person or an organization to say that the lanyard is their own, customization is recommended especially if they want to add something important to the lanyard.

3 Elements That Your Blog Should Have For Maximum SEO

When you’re looking at blogging, it can take over your entire life. You can become obsessed with content, posting and doing a lot of different elements to gain market share. If you do things correctly, you could gain a lot of traffic, so much that you will flood any projects you have online with relative ease. If you want to gain market share and you want to be the #1 site online for your niche, then you will want to remember to follow a few simple rules. Often times, people forget about these little elements, because they aren’t the biggest influencers of seo. But just because you may not be getting a great deal of optimization from your work, doesn’t mean that you should forget about it. You want all the help you can get when ranking with optimization, and the following elements should be part of your blog.

Author Biography (Complete)

seoWho’s writing your blog? Whether you’re using a ghost writer or you’re doing all the work yourself, make sure that you fill out this section completely. Do not skip on this, and make sure that you upload an image too. You’ll find that this simple Meta data update will factor into your listings on the web. When people search for information related to your topic, they’ll get a lot of listings, but they will most likely click on one that has your bio and information along side the quick Meta blurb that is posted overall. Gaining the trust of the end user on the web is very difficult and should not be overlooked. It’s easy to avoid this and try another tactic, so make sure that you consider this in chasing the right elements overall.

Outbound Links

One thing that you should consider, is the outbound links that you use and the use of the “no follow” tag. There are times when “no follow” should be in place, especially for affiliate links. However, if you’re citing a source or you’re creating content that uses images or anything else from another website, then link to them without the tag. You want the search engines to follow your links so that they see you’re not a spammer. As a result, make sure that you do not flood your site, and you choose only sites that will give you a bit of leverage. For instance, if you’re going to link to a new post, find the best source that is known, like The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal. These are heavy hitting websites that are not linked to by spammers most often. You’ll improve your rank and your seo as well.

Images, Videos, Graphics, Bold, Italics, Quotes

The above listing is simply a list of things that you need to have in your blog. A post should not be just a large body of text. If you just put text in line, and you do not break it up with headers, images, and more, then you will not get the most out of your content. If you want content design flow you will absolutely want to engage your audience with as much information as you can, that is not academic. Too often people focus on the repetition of keywords or other elements, but those are just pieces of the bigger picture. You need something bigger, better, and that means diversity.

You could spend a lot of your time working on optimization, and you can spend a lot of money on advertising, but in the end, you want to look at creating market share with the use of several elements. Your blog should have the above, and that’s just the beginning, because as you grow larger, you will need other pieces to come in and help you gain a bigger audience. is powered by Wordpress | WordPress Themes